Conservation genomics of the Endangered North Atlantic right whale

Our Research Team

Project Leads

Timothy Frasier

Project Lead, Saint Mary's University

Philip Hamilton

Project Lead, Anderson Cabot Center for Ocean Life

Megan Bailey

Co-Investigator, Dalhousie University

Cara Kirkpatrick

Project Manager, Genome Atlantic

Randle Hart

Founding Member, In Memoriam


Moira Brown

Canadian Whale Institute

Angelia Vanderlaan

Fisheries and Oceans Canada

Michael Asaro

National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration

Roxanne Gillett

Fisheries and Oceans Canada

Linda Rutledge

Hakai Institute

Clay George

Georgia Department of Natural Resources

Rob Schick

Duke University

Amy Knowlton

Anderson Cabot Center for Ocean Life

Students and Research Associates - Genomics

Brenna A. Frasier

Research Associate

Leah Springate

Research Associate

Sonya Radvan

Research Associate

Kate Chadwick

Ph. D. Student

Richard W. Orton

Ph. D. Student

Audrey Salinger

Ph. D. Student

Carla Crossman

Ph. D. Candidate

Students and Research Associates - Social Science

Emma Sanders

Student Assistant

Hannah Vonberg

Research Assistant