Conservation genomics of the Endangered North Atlantic right whale

Megan Bailey

Co-Investigator, GE3LS

I am an Associate Professor and Canada Research Chair in Integrated Ocean and Coastal Governance at the Marine Affairs Program at Dalhousie University. Originally from London Ontario, I pursued a zoology degree at Western University and then travelled west for graduate school in resource management at UBC’s Fisheries Centre. I joined Marine Affairs in 2015. My research focuses on conservation burdens and benefits, with a focus on fisheries allocations and access. I work through a partnership-driven research model that prioritizes applied and relationship-based projects with communities, practitioners, and decision-makers. For this Genome Canada project, I will be working to support the GE3LS program objectives through my marine social scientist lens. In my off time I love cooking, gardening and reading, and sharing my love of these things with my two boys, Chris and Liam.