Conservation genomics of the Endangered North Atlantic right whale

Timothy R. Frasier


I am a Professor in the department of Biology at Saint Mary's University, and am also the Coordinator of the Forensic Sciences Program. I have been conducting genetic analyses on North Atlantic right whales for over 20 years. Our laboratory houses the archival tissue and DNA bank for North Atlantic right whales, and I manage the curation of these samples and data. This project represents a very exciting opportunity, where we will be able to get to the heart of many questions that I have been interested in for a long time - regarding the impacts of genetic factors on right whale reproduction and recovery - but have not had the tools or resources to adequately address in the past. In addition to this exciting research, it is also a great opportunity to collaborate with excellent researchers, with expertise in a range of different fields, from across North America. It is also an exciting opportunity to work and grow with new graduate students and lab members.

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